Baby Care


Have peace of mind when you return to work after maternity leave.

We cater for a limited number of 8 Babies from the age of 3 months. 


Our friendly staff in the Baby Room, will ensure that the needs of your little one is taken care of. When our babies are at the stage to eat solid foods, we cater for their daily nutrition with freshly cooked vegetables etc.


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Baby Care


As our babies reach the age of 22 months we assess their gross motor skills and other capabilities in order to promote them to the next phase of the learning process, namely the Potty Training class.

The Potty Training class consists of 2 year olds who now learn to interact with more children and also start to learn the basics of a school learning process.

In this class we train the children over a short period of time to become fully potty trained with daily routines which assist in their process of learning.

Phone: 064 502 3373 / 064 176 7991 

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