We aim to make sure that Little Little Pre Primary is a learning centre where all children feel safe and loved. Each day we learn so much from the children. They love unconditionally, forgive easily, are uncomplicated and are excited about life. They remind us to “stop and smell”.

At Little Little we create an environment conducive for optimal exploration, learning and growth. A happy child is a learning child. We offer a fun-filled stimulating programme, designed to meet all educational needs. Our school readiness programme is advanced and you are assured that your child will be more than ready for formal schooling.

Our small classes provide your child with the much-needed individual attention to promote optimal growth and development.

When your child attends Little Little your only problem will be, “they won’t want to leave”. Little Little currently has a dynamic Team of 10 staff members, each playing a vital role in the growth and development of our children and school.




For our Children

Wherever life might take our children, they will always look back at their early years fondly and know that they received the very best education and care possible. Little Little Small classes: have classes that combine whole class teaching, small group teaching and 1 on 1 teaching.


Continuous assessment: To assess children throughout the year. This is also an assessment on the teacher and the school as a whole. “Is the teacher teaching in a way that is working for each child?” “Are the children developing in all spheres?” “Is the school curriculum equipping the children for formal learning?” These assessments help us to see where the children are at and also reflect on our teaching and curriculum.



For our Parents

We offer a service that gives our parents peace of mind that their children are loved and cared for.


We offer a service of convenience, where parents don’t have to worry about aftercare, holidays or food, and to eliminate the stress and worry of making sure their children are in great hands so that they can go to work out without any distractions.



At Little Little we perform continuous assessments in the following learning area’s:

Social and Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

Auditory Perception

Visual Perception

Language Development

Gross motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Numeracy Development

Life Skills



Our Location


We are based in Germiston CBD

We are behind NBS FLATS (President Place Flats), next to Department of home affairs (President Street). St Andrews Presbyterian Church Surrey Court, Pharoe Park Housing Complex (F.H. Odendaal Street and Queen Street) House, House, House, Little Little Pre Primary School, Park Mansion (Long Street). We are facing Pharoe Park Housing Complex at (Long Street).



Little Little Pre Primary School is registered as follows 

Department of Health and Social Development: GER/XH/122/2023

Department of Education: EMIS Number: 700902252


Phone: 064 502 3373  

You have been to the rest, now come to US.  WE TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF YOUR DAY