A nurturing environment for each individual




After spending many years as a pre-primary teacher, I feel privileged to be able to find myself in a position where I have the opportunity to oversee the critical development of young minds. Little Little Pre-primary is the perfect environment for a child to receive the love and attention they need and develop crucial life skills.

Little Little Pre-primary concept was developed in Septermber 2009 caters for ages 3 months to 6 years old. At ,Little Little, our secure and loving environment aims to be an extension of the home, where we nurture each individual child to reach their full potential. Each small class has a passionate, caring teacher and assistant who work alongside the parents to nurture cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.

Our teaching and learning approach promotes active learning, where children can explore and discover the world around them through play. There is a balance between child-initiated and teacher-guided activities to ensure holistic development. Our play areas consist of a vibrant outdoor play area, sensopathic trays, fantasy play, educational puzzles, books and games, and creative arts. Children can move freely amongst these play areas during free-play periods, developing their confidence and sense of responsibility. This allows children to interact with different age-groups and staff members while enjoying their favourite activities. The younger children follow a carefully planned, age-appropriate curriculum based around themes linked to their life-world.


Grades R – for children who need extra attention

The foundation phase caters for learners from Grade R. This is an exciting and adventurous time for young learners who thrive in an environment of creativity and discovery. At Little Little we ensure that all outcomes are achieved through engaging lessons and imaginative activations that make learning fun and easy. The Grade R learners follow the National Curriculum (CAPS document), which is a comprehensive School-Readiness Programme. Come and see the beautiful theme display tables that the teachers change weekly. Our environment allows children to develop 21st century skills and guides children to be creative, curious and confident which will prepare them for the future challenges ahead. Our strong Christian ethos guides children to learn about Jesus’ love for us and develop important values and morals.

Grade R children who need extra attention

Many parents have asked me: “How do I choose the right preschool for my child?”. My answer is always the same – take your little one to the school and trust your “gut”. As soon as you walk into the school, you will know if this is the right place for your family.


You have been to the rest, now come to US.  WE TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF YOUR DAY.

I am confident that when you visit Little Little Pre-primary, you will feel the presence of the Lord; the overwhelming love and relationship-based approach that we strive for. It truly is a “home away from home”, where your child will be nurtured to reach their own personal goals, in their own time.

I look forward to showing your family around our beautiful school and invite you to join our Little Little family.

Bongi Phakula


Phone: 064 502 3373  

You have been to the rest, now come to US.  WE TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF YOUR DAY